Our assessment tends to help us to fully understand the patient and ways in which we can provide the best assistance for the patient. Depending on the services needed, our assessment process can be carried out by various qualified health professionals with skills in different fields. The patient will meet with all the necessary professionals in order to ascertain the particular needs to be treated. Our assessment involves initial and final evaluation processes. All possible factors are considered during the assessment including any past experiences on mental health, signs, and symptoms, the patient?s interactions during the daily activities, use of drugs or whether the patient is on prescribed medication. Additionally the patient?s thoughts and response to different circumstances and also any stress-inducing factors in the patient?s life.

During the assessment, the patient is encouraged to be open and be ready to discuss freely with the health professionals of any issues being faced. We allow the patient to participate in the assessment without any pressure. The patient is encouraged to bring someone along to provide moral support during the assessment. The person can be a friend or a family member. Our assessment process takes the form of a forum between the professional and the patient.

After our assessment process, the outcome is discussed with the patient, and the patient is free to ask questions and seek clarifications in areas that are not clear. Our health professionals will explain your condition, their diagnosis and any possible causes of the condition. They also suggest various forms of treatment, but the patient has the final say on which type of treatment to undertake. Our assessment services ensure that the patient gets adequate services and can choose the way forward regarding their health. It is an opportunity for the patient to be involved in their treatment.