Facebook/ Social Media Addiction

People use Facebook more and more, but only some?of them have or will have a problem connected with using it. Intensive?Facebook usage results in a new kind of behavioral disturbance. In the?context of technological addiction, Elphinston and Noller (2011)?defined Facebook intrusion as excessive involvement in Facebook that?interferes with day-to-day activities and relationships.

They distinguished three symptoms of this disorder: withdrawal, relapse and?reinstatement, and euphoria. The concept of Facebook intrusion covers?the state of distress and discomfort in situations of no access to?Facebook. Facebook?intrusion refers to a lack of control over Facebook use and to?persistence in using Facebook despite experiencing its negative consequences. Given the frequency of Facebook use and its powerful effect?on social life, excessive attachment to Facebook can become a serious?mental health condition (e.g., B?achnio et al., 2015).