Individual, family and group therapy

At our facility, we offer Individual, Family and group therapy. These categories have been comprehensively researched to determine the efficacy, and they have been found to be tremendously useful in aiding individuals address problematic areas in their lives. People seek therapy for some reasons such as personal life challenges, anxiety, and childhood trauma amongst others. Our professional therapists work together with the client for a prescribed period depending on the needs of the client and expected objectives of the selected treatment methods.


Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a form of one of one treatment between the therapist and the client. This type of session helps people to have an enhanced understanding of themselves so as to be able to cope better with their situations.? Individual therapy is beneficial in treating some problems ranging from anxiety, depression, and stress management challenges to relationship issues.

Individual therapy sessions last from about 45 to 60 minutes and whatever goals and objectives are set are determined by the therapist together with the client. The aim is to help clients grow, heal and be able to progress forward in their lives.


Family therapy

Family therapy is mainly targeted at couples and families in intimate relationships who may be undergoing psychological challenges. The aim is to help address communication issues and to help resolve disputes between family members.

Our highly qualified counseling services providers will be involved in sessions with family members with a view of improving family connections and helping families deal with psychological challenges. This form of therapy emphasizes the importance of family interactions and relationships in the proper mental well-being of clients.


Group therapy

Our center also offers group therapy sessions that entail meetings between our professional therapists with a group of individuals to discuss issues and challenges that affect the individual members and the group in totality. The topics discussed may be specific to the group while others target general problems affecting the group members.

The main benefit of group therapy is that it provides an environment for constructive feedback while allowing individuals to develop in confidence. It is important to note that topics discussed during sessions are in confidential terms and every group member should adhere to this.? Group therapy has enormous benefits regarding improving individuals? confidence, enhancing social skills and provision of support from other members.

If you feel the need to undertake any of our therapy sessions, kindly contact us so that we can assess the appropriate treatment option for you.