Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

The psychiatric evaluation service we offer includes testing of the patient?s character, behavior, and capabilities. It is done by our experienced and skilled health professionals. The psychiatric evaluations assist in measuring the patient?s capacity so as to come up with a diagnosis and treatment that will be suitable. Our psychiatric evaluations include the use of tests and assessments. Our psychiatrists who are well trained select specific set of tests and assessments depending on the type of patient and the mental health issues faced by the client. Psychiatric evaluation is a continuous process that we carry out in the course of treatment to ensure that the patient receives treatment set to meet their needs. The evaluation also assists in the improvement of the treatment plan for the improved progress of the patient. The results of the psychiatric evaluation are confidential so as to improve the patient?s trust on the psychiatrist. The assessments require different periods of time depending on the number of visits made by the client to see the therapist. Our psychiatric evaluation also assists in the development of a formulation that includes the social, psychological and biological aspects of the mental health issues experienced by the patient. This point, in turn, helps in development and improvement of the treatment plan.

Medication management for our patients has our full consideration. It contributes to ensuring provision of safe and quality services for our patients. The medication management process is used by our health staff to ensure the accuracy of the data documented during the assessment of the patient. It also involves the recording of every medication taken by the patient for accountability and to check on the patient?s progress and any side effects that may arise from the medication. Our medication management is aligned to meet the local needs and practices. With our medication management services, we can identify risk points during the treatment process, medication errors are reduced, and patient outcomes are improved. This leads to improved staff confidence which in turn improves their performance.

Our first-rate psychiatric evaluation and medication management shows that your health is our priority.